| Wingboarding

Surfing behind an airplane: using a wingboard, you can now surf behind an airplane – otherwise known as “winging”.

We are familiar with wakeboarding on the water – but soon you will be able to do the same thing in the air. Instead of skimming across the waves behind a boat, you will be able to slice through the clouds behind a plane! Standing on a wing-like panel, holding a trapeze in your hand, you give the pilot a wave – and off you go. The connoisseur can glide gently along and simply enjoy the view, while adrenaline junkies will feel truly alive doing a wing-over – provided the names of tricks in this sport carry over.

Development and testing are currently underway and phase two of three has already been successfully completed. The final revision of safety measures is due to be finished in the coming months. Then, at last, it will be time for the real test flight. The wingboarder will stand on a lightweight wing construction, approximately three meters wide, which will be connected to the airplane by a rope. For flight license purposes, the wingboard will be classed as a paraglider. The wingboarder will land either on the runway or using a parachute.

One thing is for certain: with the advent of the wingboard, we are witnessing the birth of another breathtaking extreme sport. By spring of next year it should be well on its way – we’ll keep you up to date with further developments!

More information: WYP Aviation