| The Sporty Version of the Fancy Suit

Underdressed for water sports? Never again! The True Wetsuits from QuickSilver are fully functional neoprene suits. Functional and eye-catching in the water, and specially designed to comfortably fit against the skin all day on land as well.

As to how they came up with the idea, QuickSilver brand director Shin Kimitsuka explains that "as your lifestyle changes, you have less time to go surfing. I thought it would be interesting to offer this product as a new solution to deal with this issue."

The jacket and pants two piece are made of 2mm high-stretch neoprene, the shirt is made of "dry flight" fabric, and the outfit is rounded off with a necktie, which can of course not be forgotten. It was available for $ 2,500 USD in the following colors: Office Smart in black, Casual Friday in blue, and Party Tuxedo - they sold out in a flash.

Those fast enough to get their hands on a suit should consider themselves quite lucky, as they remain for the time being sold out. QuickSilver replied that "we have no plan about that". It's a fantastic idea, which we hope will not be forgotten!

We'll keep you up to date, if and when it continues.

Product from QuickSilver