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We are a very diverse team with one communality: all of us are passionate about sports.
It also reflects in our Philosophy and in our range of services.

Team Leader


The crucial moment to also focus on sports professionally, was the summer 2016 in Berlin. With a friend, I was planning to climb a very tempting crane. This crane was standing on a skyscraper and thus began already in a nice height, which only encreased the charm of it. In the glow of the morning, that lays upon the panorama of the city, we wanted to ... more

Sport: Paragliding, Rowing, Swimming, Sailing, Ski & Snowboarding. There are a lot more sports that fascinate me, but in which I am still in the try-out modus.

Favourite Motto: "When was the Last Time you did something for the Frist Time?"


Stuntwoman & Sport Model


Actually I wanted to study something creative, like communication design. But when I was travelling in Australia and surfing a lot, I realised that I really need more action! And then there was this documentary about a stunt woman on TV, in one of the hostels ... more

Sport: Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Parkour, Ski, Climbing, Dancing, Skydiving, Scuba Diving,... I wish I had several lives and could put more time in every sport!

Showreel: Take a look at my stunts.

Favourite Motto "Life is not a pony farm!"


Personal Trainer & Video-Maker


Sport: Snowboarding, Parkour and, of course, Personal Training!

Lieblingsmotto: "A Human Being can Never be Broken."


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