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What do cities like Stockholm and Venice have in common? A lot of water. 30% of the total area of Stockholm is water; in Venice, it's even more than 50%. In addition to what we described in this article another interesting and sporty city-exploring option is here.

More likely than not it doesn't even occur to the average tourist to explore a city via the water. But it's worth remembering that the possibility exists more frequently than one may think! And it's worth it, because seeing a city from the water can offer a completely different and unique perspective. No, we're not talking about pedal boat tours, which are offered commercially in a lot of places. We're talking about about electric boarding.

Initially designed for surfing and wakeboarding, the e-board can also be used to explore rivers, side arms, channels, and ports. The speed is regulated by a hand control and can reach more than 45km/h! A battery display lets you know when you need to head back or find somewhere to recharge; the battery life can still be improved, but the charging time is at least correspondingly short. Thus it'd be a good idea to start your trip from a home base, or to hop from café to café.

An alternative is the SiPaBoard, an inflatable – and therefore compact and easy to transport – electrical SUP board. This may be less sporty, but is far more mobile for sightseeing than conventional SUPs.

Even if you try not to get wet, you always will. But luckily there's also some great stylish clothing available just for this - how about a water-proof business suit for when you periodically go ashore?

If this article motivated you, and you explore your next city on the water, take a few photos and share your experience with us!

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