| Sporty City Exploration - as a CityCruiser

Exploring cities always follows the same pattern. Sightseeing from one end to the other, ending up blistors on your feet. Using a scooter to explore is an innovative first step - but still doesn't add that sporty dynamism. This is where the e-Longboard comes in.

Longboards have long ruled city streets. However, if you don't want to end up in the hotel's wellness wing with muscle cramps the next morning, grab an e-board. You can cruise through the streets at up to 40km/h. Zigzagging around tourists and leaning into curves, zipping sportily from café to café! To get a coffee, just bring the board in under your arm and lean it against the table, and as soon as you head out again, pull out the board and keep on going.

Universally usable, sporty, yet not to the point that you'll build up a sweat, this mode of exploring a city provides the kick you need. You can drive up to 50km distance and on 25% gradient, and the wheels can be adapted to different terrains. And if you're already an experienced longboarder, you can pull off all the usual longboard tricks with the electric version as well.

The e-Longboard is controlled by a remote control held in the hand. And when you impulsively hop off to get that absolutely must-have holiday selfie, the longboard stops automatically. Can you honestly imagine something better than exploring a new city like this with your travel partner? The occasional drudgery of sightseeing gets back its charm!

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