| Snowshoeing in St. Moritz

A lot of sports are offered in St. Moritz: ice climbing, downhill skiing, dodging powder snow, snowtubing, polo, bobsledding, tobogganing on the Cresta Run, and ... snowshoeing.

Anyone who's in St Moritz right now for the Alpine Ski World Championships and who wants to get out and do something themselves, can enjoy the wonderful panoramas of the Alps and the charm of its small, snowed-in towns, which are reachable only by foot. You'll make your way through isolated clusters of houses such as Grevasalvas, in the village of Heidi, and across desolate mountain landscapes with their breathtaking views.

This route is signposted as Via Engadina in summer; but in winter you have to fight your way through the deep snow and orientate yourself in the landscape. Again and again you'll find yourself emerging at the edge of steep slopes into deep valleys. From above you can survey the frozen lake landscape below you, where the route for the yearly cross-country ski marathon winds across. The occasional angler sits fishing next to their hole in the ice, and when there's wind then snowboarders skim across the ice surface with their kites.

Have fun with the various sporting challenges out there for you – and enjoy the harmony of nature and sport in one of the most famous spots for winter sports in the world!

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