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With the Snooc you will be exploring snowy winter mountain landscapes. But the emphasis is on the social: with the Snooc, you are on the road together, no matter how athletic each group member, and regardless of previous winter sports skills. "It's an experience to share with others!"

The Snooc has two different modes. First, it can be used as a snowshoe to climb the snow-blanketed mountains. And once you’ve reached the top, it can be turned into a bobsled in just a few minutes, ensuring a fun and easy ride down. Thus the slogan: "Hike Up - Transform - Ride Down". They can be worn over normal outdoor shoes.

The Snooc is designed to enjoy the unspoiled winter mountain landscape and experience nature together. This differentiates it from equipment that focuses only on the downhill run on the slopes, and offers more variety than conventional snow equipment.

With such simplicity of use, the Snooc can be considered "light sport" equipment, meaning it can be used easily by anyone without prior training. Despite what one might think, the passion for sports does not always mean competition. Nor does it always have to be something newer or faster. Often it is enough just to do something together in order to have fun - such as explore secluded landscapes with the Snooc.

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