Vivify Your Day

Life is Better with Sports

[VYD] aims to raise quality of life through physical fitness. Sports can act as a counterbalance to physical and mental stress. Exercising results in increased and healthier self-esteem. Sports are for everyone, be they casual, athletic, or extreme.

More than Muscles | Sports are the New Social

[VYD] aims to promote the many benefits of sports as well as offer a reasonable measure of their supportive role in society. In sports, individuals' social differences are set aside, which allows values to be developed sustainably through teamwork, especially via sports clubs for young people. Team spirit is built while maintaining individuality, thoughtfulness and respect, tenacity and the assumption of responsibility and hence intelligent action. For these social skills, which are vital for generating valuable interactions with one another as well as forming a functioning society, sportsmanship is key.

Sports Rule the World | We are One Team

[VYD] aims to establish itself as an impartial space for across-the-lines thinking and group building to occur. It is important to overcome ethnic and religious differences. Direct contact between different cultures, which can be achieved via sport as a neutral middle ground, is crucial for understanding one another. Through active engagement in sports, young people become increasingly connected, forming an intellectual base for future development.