| Olympics: A Transformation from Tradition to Scandal

When the sport takes the back seat and the media coverage is not dominated by stories about success and records, but features doping accusations, corruption investigations, and various criminal activities as well as a lack of interest by the fans, the Olympic Games are suspected to be facing a major crisis.

Many years of training for the one moment; for professional athletes, the Olympic Games mark a highlight in their career. Taking part alone rewards for all the hours testing your own physical limit. A medal means more than any other title won before. The Olympics are an event of contrasts. Competing is a dream come true for the athletes, the Olympic idea will forever be a myth for those who have never been part of the event. Hardly ever can you experience joy and sorrow so close together, pure tension and joyful relief are never as intense as at the Olympics. Lately however, unlimited euphoria has never met skepticism as often as during the summer of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.

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