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| Max Wörner: Climbing Up the Career Ladder

At the age of only seven, Max Wörner got introduced to climbing by chance. What started out as a family getaway turned into a performance-oriented passion. Today he is an entrepreneur who earns his money over the rooftops of Stuttgart.

Pedestrians stop, mesmerized by the workers hanging high above them on the front of a building. In this particular moment, most people ask themselves why someone would choose a profession in such an extreme altitude. Wide-eyed witnesses are nothing out of the ordinary for professionals like Wörner. As one of about 15,000 industrial climbers in the world, the former member of the climbing national team makes facades, roofs and other facilities high above the ground accessible through rope techniques, even though they may seem inaccessible. The people’s fascination mostly goes unnoticed because his work up in the air requires a constant high level of concentration. Even though work above the ground becomes routine for industrial climbers a certain amount of tension is always there. After all, the climber’s safety is on the line every day.

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Photos: © Max Wörner