| Making Pipe Dreams a Reality

"It's not about being the first or being right, it's about believing in yourself because you know something is possible.” - Robbie Maddison

For three years, Robbie Maddison held onto a dream. The dream of being able to conquer vast water surfaces on a bike. But this is not just a story that one might wonder or marvel at. Inspiration must be followed by implementation. This is, above all, a story about living one’s dreams.

The wavebiker "Maddo" was originally a Motocross athlete and James Bond stunt double in Skyfall. But in Tahiti, he has now worked his way out to sea with an adapted dirtbike. His story has been compiled in the video "Pipe Dream". Anyone interested in how he did it can also watch the three-part making-of video ”Behind the Dream" (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Incidentally, so that he won’t get pulled down with his bike, Maddo has installed inflatable airbags - although someone else has to pull him out of the water.

It is fascinating how he has managed to successfully combine two things as different as motocross and surfing.

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