| Lexus Hoverboard

The hoverboard, a combination of bamboo and superconductors, has caught the attention of the sporting world. Anything is possible, it seems, with this floating board: rails, jumps, even gliding across water. Professional skateboarder and newly appointed “hoverboard test rider” Ross McGouran shows us how it’s done.

The hoverboard was born of a publicity idea, lots of money, and 18 months of development. The process has been well documented – just follow the link below for more info. It took a good 11 months to complete the calculations and designs for the board. After that, an entire skate park was built in Barcelona to promote it! After 403 days the project was finally finished with these great shots.

Technology-wise, the key to the hoverboard is magnetic levitation. The board consists of superconductors cooled by liquid nitrogen. The steam that makes for such a cool visual effect is in fact necessary to suppress the magnetic field of the skate track, and to keep the board bobbing in the air along with the hoverboard rider. Since the earth’s magnetic field is much too weak for the board to use, an extra magnetic path is required.

There are currently no plans to sell the hoverboard commercially. With the promotion in Barcelona, it has fulfilled its purpose for the time being. But hopefully we will not have to wait too long for it to become part of the sporting world! Ross McGouran is already a fan, and says that riding a hoverboard is completely different from riding a conventional skateboard. “Everything I knew about skating went out the window,” he adds. After all – you are floating!

More information: Documentation
Fotos and Video: Lexus