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| Filip Eyckmans: The Creation of a New Sport

Filip Eyckmans did what many spend a lifetime dreaming of. He created something that combines his biggest passions and made it into a worldwide success. Bossaball has become one of the most significant inventions in the sports industry with big aspirations for the future.

During the Olympic Games in Rio, millions of people passed by the Bossaball exhibition in Copacabana that from afar appeared to be inflated versions of volleyball courts. A closer look, however, revealed the integrated trampoline in front of the net on each side of the court and the mesmerized audience watching a game that involved both artistic components as well as a combination of soccer and volleyball elements. With Sugarloaf and Christ the Redeemer in the background, these people became witnesses of Bossaball, the quintessential sports newcomer that made a practically obligatory appearance during the biggest sports event on the planet.

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Photos: © Bossaball