| Eukonkanto

The Finnish people are known to come up with weird competitions, but by creating wife-carrying, Finnish “Eukonkanto”, they landed a worldwide success. The 21st world champion in this discipline will be the one who completes the main distance of 253.5 meters (278 yards) faster than any of his components in early July this year.

Inspired by a legend, the idea for a new kind of competition was born more than 20 years ago. The inventors had in mind that men would carry their wives through a set course; the fastest pair wins the prize. Back then they probably did not even begin to believe that the Eukonkanto-enthusiasm would soon awake in many places outside of Finland. Eukonkanto is a sport that everyone can easily participate in. All you need is a little strength and a woman over your shoulders: for the Finns, this is already a guarantee for fun and entertainment.

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Photos: © Wife Carrying Championship