24. April 2017

A Journey to the Origin of Movement

The “Men and Monkeys” project is a hymn to movement, it’s a unique adventure in which, for the first time, monkeys and humans will be moving […]
9. February 2017

Snowshoeing in St. Moritz

St. Moritz, that small quiet town in the Swiss Alps, is once again in the middle of things with the Alpine World Ski Championships 2017. But […]
10. January 2017

Sporty City Exploration – as a CityCruiser

How to combine sightseeing and dynamism? Like about city-travelling and sports, without breaking a sweat? When you’re tired of walking around for hours to see the […]
3. January 2017

Sports along the Great Ocean Road

The Victoria coast offers a number of beautiful sites, both for enjoying the scenery and for sports. They’re connected by the 243km long “Great Ocean Road”, […]
2. January 2017

Sporty City Exploration – as a CitySurfer

We’ve already shown you how to turn your sightseeing on solid ground into something more dynamic. But there are also countless cities that can be explored […]
2. November 2016

Walking Around the World

In a car you can make your way across the country pretty quickly. But have you ever thought about travelling that same distance by foot? And […]
19. September 2016


A gleam in the eyes and a distracted gaze. A knot in the stomach, the breath caught in the throat. Perhaps the hands tighten up. The […]