18. January 2017

An Airbag for Motorcyclists

Safety is a difficult topic for motorcyclists. This makes it all the more important to make the best possible use of state of the art technology […]
21. December 2016

DKNY’s Collection “Sport and Tailoring” for 2017

At the last Fashion Week in September the new spring collections were brought out. Also on the runway were clothes from the DKNY label, which, according […]
19. December 2016

Fashion Tips in an Avalanche

What keeps you looking chic as you’re being carried away by a meters-thick avalanche? That’s right – looks pretty good when you make it back out […]
16. October 2016

The Sporty Version of the Fancy Suit

Are you still going swimming in old-school neoprene? Or are you like this video – dressed in a business suit and ready for work. Surfing a […]
16. October 2016

Smart Casual – Track Suits with Style

Especially in fitness studios but also when out and about, the motto is: see and be seen. And to exercise without getting overlooked, where you feel […]
17. March 2016

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Not having to bend over to tie up your shoes might not increase your flexibility as an athlete, but is an innovation to be explored. Nike […]