5. June 2017

Olympics: A Transformation from Tradition to Scandal

Corruption, empty seats in the stadiums and an increasing commercialization have lately been the reasons for a rise in negative press reviews about the Olympic Games. […]
12. September 2016

Pushing it to the Extreme: Positive Experiences

How it is that extreme sports arise from a lust for life rather than a tendency towards madness – and how is it that they’re already […]
11. September 2016

Burning Slackline

We all know that opposites attract. And what could be more opposite than ice and fire high in the air? Filled with cool slackline tricks, this […]
26. July 2016

Snooc Around

The Snooc is a snowshoe and a bobsled at once, and unlike other equipment, it emphasizes fun and socializing rather than pure sportiness. So if you’re […]
26. July 2016

Making Pipe Dreams a Reality

More and more seems to be possible these days. And yet it is astonishing how two such different sports as surfing and motocross could be found […]
26. July 2016

Lexus Hoverboard

Is there such a thing as floating skateboards? Maybe this question would have drawn smiles in the past, but now it can begin to be taken […]
26. July 2016

Light Surfing on Artificial Waves

Anyone who has relaxed in a fancy pool can agree that the underwater light effects offer a kind of fascination and comfiness, which one could gladly […]
25. July 2016


People race down snow-capped mountains on speed flyers and skis, leap from houses and cliffs in wingsuits – even fall out of space. It was only […]
12. January 2016

Running with Olympic Athlete Emma Coburn

The Olympic athlete captures her feelings in this video, as she steps out the door to go for a jog. It is immediately clear what running […]